Year 1 Home Learning

Following the recent Government decision to close all schools, and the uncertainty surrounding how long the restrictions will be in place, we have felt it important to compile a Home Learning Pack. This contains activities and projects we feel will be beneficial to help embed recent teaching and support your child’s continued learning.
Twinkl (an online educational resource bank) have kindly offered all their resources for free during this challenging period. This is a fantastic website you can go to find resources covering all National Curriculum topics. As well as this they have enabled us to create some bespoke lesson activities. To access them Google Search – Twinkle Go login, click on it and enter the pin code relevant to the subject you wish to complete.

Reading (Twinkl Go code SN6947)
Reading is a key skill and therefore we recommend that you continue to read with your child everyday. You will find that your child’s Bug Club account has been uploaded with all of the books available at their current reading level.

Phonics (Twinkl Go code HV3671)
The Year 1 Phonic Screener should have taken place in June and this will be made up of real and nonsense words. You can find past papers at or carry out a general search online using Phonic Screening Practice
Common Exception Words
A list of Year 1 Common Exception Words is included. By the end of the year the children need to be able to read, spell and use them accurately within their writing. Please keep practicing as they can be tricky.

Children need to keep practicing their writing as much as possible. Try keeping a diary, writing a story or even doing little jobs such as writing shopping lists. For inspiration take a look at Pobble 365 or Once Upon a Picture which can provide stimuli for imaginative writing. Focus on accurate use of punctuation (capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, question marks and exclamation marks) as well as correct letter formation.

Maths (Twinkle Go code SN9248)
We have attached this years mid term review which contains questions covering all the areas we have taught so far this year. Try getting your child to answer them verbally as this will help you identify areas that they find challenging and would benefit more practice with. The minute maths sheets are a selection of addition and subtraction equations that can again be completed verbally or printed out. The idea is to do them as quickly as possible to develop fluency. As always it is important to embed their understanding of number, pattern and their relationships rather than moving on too quickly to larger numbers. Small toys are
good for counting and sorting and board games, whilst fun and interactive, often involve lots of number and positional language.

Foundation Subjects (Twinkl Go code SN6274)
Please take a close look at the Topic Overview grid which contains suggested activities for other subjects and topics covered in the curriculum. Wherever possible try to get creative; doing observational drawings, designing new story characters and junk modelling for example. Remember to practice using scissors as this is a great way to develop fine motor control and support handwriting. Other activities include tying shoe laces and fastening zips. Top buttons is always a great help for P.E. days. How many buttons can your child fasten in 2 minutes?
Children’s University Spring Challenge 2020

This list of activities have been suggested by the Children’s University as fun and exciting projects that can be completed whilst off school. We would love to see some of your photographs or the final products you produce when carrying them out.

Each class have been given their own email address where you can share home learning tasks and activities completed with your class teacher:

We understand that you may not be able to complete all tasks but have hopefully provided enough to keep you going. Should the period of closure be extended further we send out update and more activities electronically and please keep up to date with the app for latest developments.
Thank you from the Year 1 Team.

Summer 2 Home Learning Challenges

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