In Reception we have 3 classes, Class 1 with the class teacher Mr Sayer and teaching assistant Mrs Simm, Class 2 with the class teachers Mrs Roberts and Mrs Wolfarth and teaching assistant Mrs Kearney and Class 3 with the class teacher Ms McGough and the teaching assistant Mrs Hechle. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Each half term we have a new topic and we decide what we would like to learn together. Our learning each day consists of a phonics session, a maths sessions, a story session and topic session. We learn through play in the different areas in our classrooms. We develop our independence in Reception and learn lots of key skills such as making relationships with our new friends and learning how to share and take turns. We also learn key Literacy and Mathematics skills which are important building blocks for our future learning.

Autumn 1 in Reception

Welcome to the Reception page. We have had a wonderful first half term in Reception getting to know all of the children and the children getting to know each other through our topic ‘We Are Great’. As it is the first half term in Reception children have been getting to know each other and learning all about the school rules whilst making up our own class charters.

We have been reading the story of The Gingerbread Man which was incredibly excited as he escaped from our classrooms and went on ad adventure around school. Through this text we have been writing wanted posters, drawing story pathways and writing labels. In math’s we have been learning numbers up to 5 and have been recognising, ordering and counting objects up to 5.

Class 1 Gallery

Class 2 Gallery

Class 3 Gallery

Reception Real Heroes Visit 9.11.19

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