In Reception we have 3 classes, Class 1 with the class teacher Mr Sayer and teaching assistant Mrs Simm, Class 2 with the class teachers Mrs Roberts and Mrs Wolfarth and teaching assistant Mrs Kearney and Class 3 with the class teacher Ms McGough and the teaching assistant Mrs Hechle. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Each half term we have a new topic and we decide what we would like to learn together. Our learning each day consists of a phonics session, a maths sessions, a story session and topic session. We learn through play in the different areas in our classrooms. We develop our independence in Reception and learn lots of key skills such as making relationships with our new friends and learning how to share and take turns. We also learn key Literacy and Mathematics skills which are important building blocks for our future learning.

Spring in Reception

The spring term started with our new topic ‘We Are Sea Explorers’ during which we enjoyed reading the The Naughty Bus and Under the Sea. We found out all about the London and the River Thames and Liverpool and the River Mersey. We also talked about the sea surrounding Great Britain and our place in the wider world. We explored creatures that live in water and found out lots of interesting facts about sea creatures too. We found out all about Crosby Beach and looked at similarities and difference to other beaches and coastlines. Unfortunately our planned trip to the beach was put on hold by Storm Dennis which was a real shame as we were looking forward to seeing all of the features we had been learning about. 

After half term we returned to school for a few weeks and begun our topic ‘We Are Bughunters’. Our English focus text was ‘The Journey Home’ through which we found out all about different animals. We sorted animals out by their features such as those coming from an egg, and looked at features of birds, reptiles and some other animals from the story. We began learning about the structure of stories and thinking about a story plan identifying the beginning, the build up, the problem, the resolution and the ending. We used this structure to make up our own stories about Hattie Peck and her next adventure. We used all our knowledge of Liverpool and London to plan an adventure for her in Liverpool/London. 

We then began to read our second focus text ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and we met our own very hungry caterpillars in each class.We learnt all about the life cycle of of a caterpillar and watched our own caterpillars begin to grow. Unfortunately before we could see them change into cocoons school was closed due to the current Covid crisis. However we have been looking after our caterpillars whilst you have been busy learning at home and they have formed cocoons and begun to transform into butterflies. (see the pictures in the gallery below). 

It has been a very strange term from storms to global pandemics. We hope you are all staying safe and well at home and spending some quality time with your families. Try to keep some routine and complete some of our home learning challenges as and when you can, but most importantly stay healthy, safe and look after each other. Keep an eye on the app and website for update and more information over the next few weeks, 


Class 1 Gallery

Class 2 Gallery

Class 3 Gallery

Reception Real Heroes Visit 9.11.19

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