At Forefield School Nursery we love to learn through practical, fun and meaningful experiences. We focus on developing core skills to help us as future learners. We spend lots of time outdoors developing our physical skills, bodily control and co-ordination. We also learn how to be good listeners and confident speakers. In Nursery we play lots of games which help us to become good friends.

We currently have three sessions in the Nursery, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and one whole day session for children entitled to the 30 hour offer. During these sessions we have whole class carpet time and key worker times when we work in smaller groups. We have lots of time to explore, learn and play in the Nursery environment both indoors and outdoors. We learn to be independent learners in the Nursery and develop lots of key skills.

Mrs Evans is the Nursery teacher. She works with Mrs Mc William who is the Nursery Nursery for all sessions. Mrs Harvey is the key worker for children who attend Forefield Nursery all day, and Mrs Porter supports children’s learning in the Nursery in the afternoon sessions. 

Spring in Nursery

Well what a busy term we have had in Nursery. We just loved reading the story of the 3 bears. What a handful Goldilocks has been, helping herself to the porridge, breaking baby bears chair and falling asleep in his bed. What a good job we made some porridge and a selection of chairs for baby bear to choose from. We even painted some in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. We talked about the colours, texture and different styles of chairs after going on a chair hunt around big school. Whatever Next was another fabulous story that we shared in Nursery. We loved pretending to be Baby Bear on the way to the moon, using wellies, a colander and a big box.

Chinese New Year celebrations were amazing! We tasted some Chinese food – noodles, prawn crackers and rice. Yum,yum. Our dragon parade was the finest in Crosby, a sight to behold.

It has been great to be outside, being builders and construction workers, trying to build houses that the mean sly wolf will not blow down. Luckily we succeeded. It was handy to look at different styles of houses and investigate materials before we started. Kirsty and Phil would have been so proud. In the end we decided that we needed to create a selection of traps and catchers to get rid of the Big Bad wolf.  Phew we did just that! We had a good hunt around our Nursery garden looking for signs of spring with magnifying glasses and clipboards. We can report it is definitely here and the sun is in the sky.

Jumping Jacks has most certainly been the highlight of this term, we now have a huge repertoire of songs to sing for you at home. Elephants have wrinkles is our all time favourite!

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