At Forefield Community Infant & Nursery School we believe music is a universal language which fosters creativity in all children. We aim for our Music curriculum to engage, inspire and empower children through a rich knowledge of music linked to geography, history and art and exploring diverse cultures throughout the world. Through music children can become passionate musicians, creative artists and confident performers in their own right.



Music is key in early childhood development, helping to grow children’s knowledge of sounds and understanding of words and supporting children’s motor skills and self-expression through movement to music. The Education Endowment Foundation indicates the positive impact of arts participation on children’s holistic development and improved outcomes have been identified in the core subjects (English/Maths/Science).

At Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School we aim to deliver a broad and rich music curriculum, giving all children the opportunities to develop as musicians, exploring the world in which they live through the universal language of music. All children will have the opportunity, through both our curriculum and extra-curricular activities, to participate in a variety of musical experiences, exploring the value and importance of music in our community and celebrating diversity; locally, nationally and globally.

Our ambitious Music curriculum enables our children to learn and grow as musicians, developing a range of core music skills and knowledge required to play, improvise, compose and perform music confidently. Through our music scheme ‘Music Express’, children listen to and appraise a variety of musical genres from different historical periods including learning about the rich musical history Liverpool has to offer and the significant part played by the Beatles in influencing the music of today across the world.

By nurturing and fostering musical creativity, we aim to give all children the opportunity to develop a passion and love of music and grow as talented musicians.


               ‘Learning and growing together through music’

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