Forefield Curriculum Intent Statement

Mathematics is an important part of learning for all children in the Early Years and KS1 and receiving a good grounding in Maths is an essential life skill. As well as numeracy, it helps skills such as problem solving, understanding and using shapes and measure, developing children’s spatial awareness and providing vital life skills.

At Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School we value maths as central to success in school, work and life.  We recognise that mathematical learning is key for all young children and aim to deliver this through a broad, knowledge based curriculum.

We aim to deliver a broad and rich mathematics curriculum, giving all children the opportunities to develop as mathematicians, exploring the world in which they live through maths and pattern. All children will have the opportunity through both our curriculum and extra-curricular activities, to participate in a variety of mathematical experiences, exploring the value and importance of maths in our lives and our world.

Our maths curriculum has been planned to be ambitious and enables our children to learn and grow as mathematicians, developing a range of core skills, methods and knowledge required to solve problems confidently. It builds on prior learning and makes connections. Through our main maths scheme, White Rose Maths, supplemented with other resources such as the NCETM fluency project, mastery materials and Big Maths scheme in Y2 (see 3 year plan), children use and apply maths skills daily to solve problems and make connections with prior learning. We aim to lay strong mathematical foundations, using practical and pictorial ways to learn, leading to more mastery. We want to build up to problem solving and really delve into the curriculum, going broad and deep so that children really understand concepts and strategies as well as methods.

By nurturing and fostering a love for numbers and a curiosity about how to solve problems, we aim to give all children the opportunity to develop a passion and love of maths. We want them to grow as talented and happy mathematicians who are not afraid to make and learn from mistakes, and can apply what they know to many different situations, ready for lifelong learning and the Junior school.



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