Throughout our school all children are introduced to History and historical events through many different avenues.  This includes discovering facts about  people’s lives and lifestyles and finding out about significant men, women, children and events from the recent and more distant past, from both Britain and the wider world. They listen and respond to stories and use sources of information to help them ask and answer questions. All children will learn how the past is different from the present.

In the Foundation Stage, History is planned and taught within the Early Learning Goal ‘The World’ in which children explore people and communities.  In Years One and Two, History is taught according to the Key Stage One National Curriculum objectives through a cross curricular approach.  Staff at Forefield endeavour to encourage a sense of enjoyment of the subject in all its aspects and to arouse an interest in the past.  Children at Forefield will acquire a wide knowledge and understanding of the people and events which have shaped their world and be able to put them in chronological order. They will be able to appreciate and value a wide variety of historical sources, including those in their own local environment and beyond. This will involve children developing an awareness of chronology within which they can organise their understanding of the past and communicate this clearly using appropriate vocabulary whilst selecting information from a wide range of media.

Children are also presented with the opportunity to ask their own questions and to undertake their own research in aspects of their own historical studies through both homework and classwork.

In Nursery the children discuss historical happenings through their exploration of teddy bears, themselves and their grandparents. The explore themselves as babies and compare to themselves in the present.

In Reception children learn about the past, present and future, talking about events that happen to themselves and through topics such as celebration learning about the historical context of celebrations such as Bonfire Night. This is also taught through topics such as Dinosaurs when the children learn all about dinosaurs, their habits and theories about how they became extinct.

In Year One the children study famous people, e.g Albert Einstein during the’We are Scientists’ topic. They also compare Crosby now and in the past. In this topic children are given the opportunity to talk to a ‘Grandad’ who shares experiences and artefacts with them from their home town in the past.

In Year Two the pupils learn about “Mary Anning”, “The Great Fire of London” and other amazing historical topics.

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