Curriculum Intent Statement

At Forefield Community Infant & Nursery School we deliver a high quality and purposeful knowledge engaged curriculum, learning and growing together. We recognise that developing lifelong skills is important for young children and aim to deliver this through a broad and knowledge rich curriculum. Our children will learn new and exciting concepts and deepen their subject knowledge through termly or half termly topics, using a progressive curriculum model across EYFS and Key Stage 1. We aim for all children leave Forefield with the  knowledge and basic skills needed for their future, so they are independent thinkers with a growth mindset and are set up to be lifelong learners.

Our curriculum strives to strengthen children’s connections with the world in which they live by providing a wealth of opportunities to engage children in the world around them, developing them as local, national and global citizens, mentally travelling around the world in which they live.

We are passionate about promoting and instilling a love for reading in our young children. We immerse children in high quality texts, explored in detail to allow them to develop key literacy skills which will enable them to go on to achieve their aspirations.

We plan topics as a basis for our curriculum using stories, the arts and real life experiences to inspire children and bring learning to life, linking our curriculum to the real world. Through these topics children are encouraged to question and explore, think creatively and utilise their knowledge and skills in a variety of contexts across the curriculum. Our curriculum purposefully builds in opportunities to celebrate diversity whilst supporting children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, ensuring that children have the cultural capital to succeed and are well prepared for life in modern Britain.


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