At Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School, Computing children are given opportunities to develop their computing skills from the very earliest stages in Nursery and Reception and meet the National Curriculum objectives following the Rising Stars Computing scheme of work. We acknowledge the importance of developing a secure knowledge of computing skills, to equip them for a future in a digital world.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage in Nursery children are given opportunities to explore functions such levers, buttons and remote control toys, observing what happens when they press buttons and controls. Children begin to use computers in continuous provision as well as using Promethean technology during taught lessons.

In Reception children develop their computing skills by exploring a range of different technologies and selecting these for an appropriate purpose in the learning environment both indoor and outdoor, for example selecting and using the digital camera to take a picture of a bug in the learning garden. Children are taught weekly computing sessions through the Knowsley Computing scheme of work which introduces children to using and navigating a computer, developing mouse skills and using a variety of computer programmes for different purposes. By the end of Reception children who meet the Early Learning Goal are aware of and choose appropriate sources of technology to aid their own learning and use these confidently showing good control and knowledge of the functions.

In Key Stage 1, children follow the Rising Stars scheme of work. The children work through modules which are linked to topics when possible to provide a cross curriculum and purposeful approach to teaching computing, with children using and applying computing skills to record work in other subjects. Computing is taught across 3 key areas; Computer Science, Information technology and Digital Literacy.

E-Safety is embedded into all elements of the curriculum in both EYFS and Key Stage 1 throughout the year. In addition to this, we also have a whole school E-Safety week in February linked to National Internet Safety Week. During this week children revisit the SMART E-Safety rules established in the EYFS. Children in Nursery and Reception learn about internet safety through Smartie the Penguin. Children learn what to do when worrying situations arise when they are using the internet both in school and at home. Children are made aware of what being ‘online’ means and learn our Smartie E-Safety song.

In Year 1, children build on the SMART rules and learn about E-Safety through Hectors World resources. Children watch videos and debate what decisions to make when different situations arise linked to using the internet, including different ways they use the internet and dangerous situations they might find themselves in whilst for example playing an online game.

In Year 2 children learn about E-Safety through the adventures of Lee and Kim. Children watch videos and debate the actions of Lee and Kim and what decisions they should make to stay safe online, drawing upon all of their past and new E-Safety knowledge. Children develop a wider awareness of ways they can keep themselves safe such as protecting passwords, not sharing personal information and stranger danger in an online world. 

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