At Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School we value music as a creative art. Children take part in singing activities each week in assemblies and collective worship. We use singing as a form of celebration to aid and enhance our curriculum.

In the Early Years Foundation stage music is embedded into the Expressive Arts and Design strand of the Foundation Stage curriculum. Children are encouraged to learn and explore with traditional instruments and to explore and make their own sounds. The Early Learning Goals expects children to represent their own ideas through music (Being Imaginative) and to sing songs, make music and experiment with ways of changing it (Exploring and Using Media and Materials).

In Nursery, song and rhyme is embedded into every day teaching and learning. Children learn songs and rhymes in English and Maths and linked to topics. In addition they use Kindermusik to teach music lessons during the Spring and Summer terms. In this children listen and respond to different styles of music for different occasions and purposes. They also use a wide variety of instruments to explore different sounds and rhythms. Kindermusik focuses on developing listening and attention, co-ordination and control, and musical exploration for our youngest children.

In the Reception children are taught music using the Charanga scheme of work. This scheme combines music appraisal, listening and attention skills, singing lots of traditional songs and rhymes, co-ordination and control skills and musical exploration in theme based lessons. Music is taught as a discrete lesson each week, and elements of lesson is repeated and built upon, giving children ample opportunity to develop their music skills as well as their confidence in exploring different ways to play instruments.

Year 1 also follow the Charanga scheme of work. In year 1 Charanga  These lessons build on the content of the EYFS. Children are introduced to key musical concepts and to playing tuned percussion instruments. Children are exposed to a variety of different styles and genres of music to listen and appraise, play instruments to music and create and perform simple compositions.

In Year 2 children are taught some areas by a specialist music teacher who designs bespoke lessons linked to the curriculum and topics. A selection of other topics are taught using the Charanga scheme of work. The specialist music teacher teaches the children in year 2 units on Voices as instrument to sing and compose as well teaching children to play and compose using both tuned and untuned percussion. Children also learn about music from other cultures and perform their African drumming skills in an end of module performance to a live audience.

Music Curriculum Map 2018-2019