Autumn Clubs Time Table 2014

Club Time YearGroup Additional Cost
Monday Tennis Club 3.30-4.30pm Year 1 & 2 £3.00
Tuesday Recorder Club 12-12.45pm Year 2 None
Singing Club 3.30-4.30pm Year 2 None
Tennis Club 3.30-4.30pm Year 1 & 2 £3.00
Wednesday Science Club 12-12.45pm Year 2 None
Zumba Club 3.30-4.30pm Year 1 & 2 £3.00

Singing Club
This is run for half a term for each year group – Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  children explore their singing voices and how to use their singing voices to best effect by learning simple breathing and warm up exercises.  The singing club encourages children to sing by using echo sags, action sags and through playground singing games.  The children are encouraged to sing individually as well as in a group, which develops their confidence, self esteem, listening skills and their ability to work with others.

Recorder Club
This is a ‘taster’ club for pupils in Year 2.  Children learn how to play the recorder correctly using correct finger positions and breath control. The children learn a range of notes and form this are able to play a number of simple tunes using a backing track to play along to and perform with.  School provides each child with a recorder to use during the club.

 Science Club

A group of intrepid Year 2 ‘Space Explorers’ shared with the rest of the school in a special assembly some of the activities they had completed during their lunchtime club. From demonstrating the phases of the Moon using Oreos to showing the relative size of the Earth to the Sun (if the Sun was the size of our school hall then the Earth is the size of a ping pong ball!). The ‘Space Explorers’ confidently explained all they had learned in a creative and humorous way, ensuring it was an assembly their audience enjoyed. Well done to you all!

Wally Cain Dance Club

Some children have been attending after school dance club, preparing for a special performance at the Wally Cain Dance Festival. The children performed the dance at the festival in the summer term and were the talk of the show. Back at school the children did a special performance for their friends at school.