Welcome to the new academic year in Y2 at Forefield Community Infant & Nursery School. We are very much looking forward to sharing an exciting year with your children with many super activities and topics planned. We also look forward to working in partnership with parents and carers to ensure the very best possible for your child.

By way of introduction, our Y2 team consists of Mr Hall, Class 7 teacher and Year group leader,  Mr Robinson, Class 8 teacher and Mrs Buckley Class 9 teacher and SENCO. Miss Dawes, Mrs Marsden and Mrs Kinnard work across the Year 2 Classes supporting learning and leading small intervention groups.

Mr Hall

Mr Hall

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Miss Dawes

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Should you have any queries at anytime, please don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher or any of the team.

We look forward to meeting you informally at the forthcoming ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions.

Please see this week’s Year Group Newsletter for more details.

Autumn 2 in Year 2

This half term was a great way to build up to Christmas! Our topic has been ‘We Are Time Travellers’ and the children have travelled from the Stone Age to the times of the Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale’s disgusting hospitals of the Crimean War and then to find out the true meaning of Christmas. Our Christmas play was a massive success and also linked to our time travelling theme, with a lot of the historical figures making an appearance! We have also been learning to multiply and divide, speaking Spanish and Mandarin and even had a visit from one of the teachers at our Spanish partner school to teach us!! We had a great time dressing up as characters from The Great Fire of London to re-enact all of the events with Debbie from Real Histories, who really brought the Great Fire to life for the children! What a wonderful topic and way to end the year 2018, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Class 7 Autumn 2 Gallery

         Class 8 Autumn 2 Gallery

Class 9 Autumn 2 Gallery


 Year 2 Cathedral Trip March 2018


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Long Term Curriculum Maps

Year 2 Curriculum Map 2018-2019

Medium Term Maps

We Are Heroes Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 2018-2019

We Are Time Travellers Curriculum Overview Autumn 2 2018-2019

We Are Authors Curriculum Overview Spring 1 2018-2019

We Are Voyagers Curriculum Overview Spring 2 2018-2019

We Are Conservationists Curriculum Overview Summer 1 2018-2019

We Are Performers Curriculum Overview Summer 2 2018-2019