In Reception we have 3 classes, Class 1 with the class teacher Ms Mc Gough and teaching assistant Mrs Kearney, Class 2 with the class teachers Mrs Roberts and Mrs Wolfarth and teaching assistant Mrs J Hindley and Class 3 with the class teacher Mr Sayer and the teaching assistant Miss Sim. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Each half term we have a new topic and we decide what we would like to learn together. Our learning each day consists of a phonics session, a maths sessions, a story session and topic session. We learn through play in the different areas in our classrooms. We develop our independence in Reception and learn lots of key skills such as making relationships with our new friends and learning how to share and take turns. We also learn key Literacy and Mathematics skills which are important building blocks for our future learning.

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July In Reception

Our final month in Reception has been just as busy as all of the other months this year. We have had so many end of year activities to participate in which have been so much fun. We began this month with some visitors from our Chinese partner school who came into class to meet everyone.

The weather was very good to us on Sports Day when we had a fantastic time demonstrating all of our skills from this year and working as a team to score the highest points possible. Well done to the winners Class 3 for winning and to Class 2 for coming 2nd and Class 1 for coming 3rd. Everyone gave it 100% as Nick Carter had inspired us to do.

This month has also saw the children take part in lots of learning during Art week. In Reception we learnt all about aboriginal art work as one of the oldest forms of art. We looked at different pieces of art and the colours and animals used in this art work and created some of our own aboriginal style art work, which was just fantastic!

We had a wonderful day at the FOFIS summer fun day and the children all got to have a turn of lots of games in hall. Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us on this day, but it brightened up in the afternoon when the ice cream van arrived and we all enjoyed an ice cream or lolly in the sun.

July has been so busy not only saying goodbye to Reception but also meeting our new class teachers and visiting our new classes.

It has been such a wonderful year and all the Reception children have worked so hard.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and come back refreshed and ready for Year 1 in September. Don’t forget to wave across the corridor to us.


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Reception Newsflash 14th September 2018

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