In Reception we have 3 classes, Class 1 with the class teacher Ms Mc Gough and teaching assistant Mrs Kearney, Class 2 with the class teachers Mrs Roberts and Mrs Wolfarth and teaching assistant Mrs Lindsay and Class 3 with the class teacher Mr Sayer and the teaching assistant Miss Sim. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Each half term we have a new topic and we decide what we would like to learn together. Our learning each day consists of a phonics session, a maths sessions, a story session and topic session. We learn through play in the different areas in our classrooms. We develop our independence in Reception and learn lots of key skills such as making relationships with our new friends and learning how to share and take turns. We also learn key Literacy and Mathematics skills which are important building blocks for our future learning.

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Mrs Kearney

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March In Reception

This month in Reception we have finished our topic ‘We Are Knights and Princesses’. During this topic we have been learning all about castles and reading lots of stories with Knights and Princesses. We had a dragon week during which we read the story Zog and we found out all about dragons and we made some fantastic dragon catchers. We also has a potion week when we read the story Sleeping Beauty and then we made lots of different potions, predicting and exploring what would happen when we mixed different liquids and materials.

In Math’s we have been continuing our number focus and have now reached the number 20. We have been counting out objects for our potions and also been learning how to make and solve equations working with single digit numbers. We have been solving both addition and subtraction equations using objects to work out the answer but we have also been drawing pictures to help us solve the equations.

Class 1 March  Gallery

Class 2 March Gallery

Class 3 March Gallery


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Reception Drivers Overview – 2017-2018

We Are Great Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 – 2017-18

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We Are Pirates Curriculum Overview Spring 1 – 2017-18

We Are Knights & Princesses Curriculum Overview Spring 2 – 2017-18

We Are Bug Hunters Curriculum Overview Summer 1 – 2017-18

We Are Traditional Storytellers Curriculum Overview Summer 2 2017-18

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